We manage wealth in the context of more meaningful goals.

What We Believe

When people organize their lives around the pursuit of wealth, happiness decreases. More money is one of the few things that can predictably DECREASE your pre-set point of happiness.

There is no direct correlation between wealth and happiness. And ironically, affluent people suffer from higher rates of depression and feelings of isolation and lack of fulfillment.

The good news is that, psychologically speaking, there is an equally predictable way to INCREASE happiness.

We use the pursuit of meaningful goals — not retirement — as the context of our relationship. We use the more important objectives you plan to pursue as a filter on all decisions and actions we will do together. We use THAT to establish priorities and as a framework to see them through.

We work with you on ALL the things that need to get done, always bearing in mind the purpose your wealth is meant to serve, not simply the end of your career or life.

The Book

Six Swift Lessons In Life Planning

Tripp Friedler's first book, FreeGulliver: Six Swift Lessons in Life Planning is now available for purchase.

Learn about the 6-step process Tripp uses to cut the strings that tie his clients down. Along the way, the book takes a look at several Gullivers who have already been freed. You'll see how they worked themselves loose from the ties that bound them and succeeded in pursuing their passions, thus prospering. Finally, you'll learn that you can begin this journey for yourself. So, get ready to be untied - get prepared to free Gulliver!